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Why Work with Us?

Our goal is one: to help our Loan Officer's dominate their respective markets without doing all of the nitty gritty work themselves by providing a full business development system to grow your business.
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Who we are

Founded in 2017, Loans On Demand was birthed on the idea that for too long Loan Officers have been the second tier in the totem pole in the real estate industry. Our goal is to flip the status quo on its head so that instead of Loan Officers cold calling Real Estate Agents on Monday's, the real estate agents are calling our LO's begging for business.

We go far beyond simply generating leads. We are passionate about our clients getting results, not only in their business, but also with their fitness, mindset, family and any other ventures they set their minds to.

We believe in building authority, trust and providing a truly white glove experience.

What we do

Phase 1- ATTRACT

Attract Qualified Referral Partners

The beauty of our system is that it allows Loan Officers to get to the consumer first. This provides leverage for Loan Officers as the typical status quo of the real estate industry is flipped on its head. How would your business change if you were able to hand out pre-approved buyers that were ready to start shopping to your existing or new referral partners. We regularly see Loan Officers that start to get inbound calls from Realtors begging to do business with them after starting to leverage our system.

Phase 2- CAPTURE

Capture More Qualified Loan Opportunities

We use proven Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertising campaigns to find real people who are qualified and want to buy a home. We also filter out people with lower possibilities of qualifying for a loan so that you can maximize your time and efforts.

Phase 3- CONVERT

Proven System To Convert Prospects Into Loan Approvals

We provide unparalleled training and support with our system. It is designed to help you maximize every possible prospect. Our coaches (actual LOs) turn an average of 30-40% of our leads into applications and between 10-20% of leads into approvals. Real strategies taught by actual LO's that are in the trenches just like you are teaching you cutting edge strategies to improve your close rates and increase the amount of loans closed exponentially.

Phase 4 - MAGNIFY

Exponentially Magnify Your Business by Being Omni-Present

Prospects are jaded by the same old templated marketing.  Because of that, you MUST stand out from everyone else. We help create marketing that helps YOU stand out and showcase your unique personality so you grow YOUR brand and attract your ideal clients. Show up in front of your clients everywhere, so when they're ready to buy, THEY call you. We regularly see Loan Officers that start to get inbound calls from prospects looking to buy or refinance just because they've been seeing their ads for months.


How we can help you

Attract the right visitors by using proprietary targeting to optimize for prospects most likely to convert into a loan

Convert those visitors into highly qualified leads by asking 8-15 qualifying questions to increase intent

Scripts, sales training, ongoing live training calls, and more. Everything you need from A to Z to turn leads into closed loan

Automated 3 Channel Follow Up System that averages 40-50% response rates so you can identify the highest intent leads

Understanding how to leverage the leads to grow your referral partners & get more referrals from clients

With feedback we are able to make focused decisions that continually improve the quality and intent of the leads.


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