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EP 48: Enrique Braunschweiger Out of the box ideas to provide value

Coming to the US from Mexico at the age of 21, Enrique Braunschweiger found his place doing time-share sales in Florida. While he didn’t love that particular sales process, he loved the general sales aspect. When he moved to CA, Enrique learned that you needed a real estate license to sell time-shares, so he thought why not just move into real estate sales. On his way to meet with a real estate company, Enrique accidentally walked into a mortgage company next door and got to talking. He never made it to his real estate appointment, and decided instead to go into mortgage financing.

EP 47: How the non-borrowing spouse is now protected with Christina Harmes Hika

When people hear about reverse mortgages, they usually think of a scam. A lot of the negativity surrounding reverse mortgages comes from how they were constructed in the past. Just in the last ten years, there have been a lot of new regulations introduced that better set the borrower up for success. Now, a lot of people are just uneducated on how they work, so they have the same old assumptions.

Ep 46: What Passive Branding Entails with Kyle Draper

As mortgage rates go up, lenders are finding they need an online presence to bring business in. So many loan officers are stuck on the concept of face to face interactions, meanwhile potential clients are deciding who to work with through online research. People want to know you before they meet you. When they’re deciding who you are, be in control of the narrative with video content.

Ep 45: Ian Anderson - Consistency and Its Power

In the very first year in his business, Ian grossed $25 million. That couldn't possibly be a miracle happening to him. It took a lot of effort on his side, and what set him apart was his unwavering consistency in his acts.

Ep 44: Joe Brikman - How to Grow Your Business Outside of the Traditional Ways

Most people are unwilling to look outside of their own industry to find inspiration from other industries. Joe, on the other hand, has spent the last eight or nine years working in various businesses, selling almost anything from sex toys to commercial loans, and so on, honing his marketing skills and learning all the tricks of the trade.

Ep 43: Collin Mitchell - Cold Calling Sucks, Or Maybe You're Doing it Wrong?

Hustling and the never-ending grind might stifle your progress and lead to burnout. Collin believes that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be this way. He seldom works more than eight hours a day and never on weekends. However, by doing so, he actually accomplishes more in both his work and personal life.

Ep 42: Cooper Skelton - Why It’s Crucial to Follow Up in Business

You need a robust follow-up strategy in place if you want to have long-term success in the mortgage business. Cooper learned this as he advanced in his profession. He's here to give you some useful tips on how to go about doing it.

Ep 41: Hammer J. Helmer - Adapting to the Changing Mortgage Rate Environment

Mortgage rates are going up like crazy! Now, when it comes to discussing rates and pricing with consumers, how do you approach them? “Being empathetic is, in my opinion, the first step,” Hammer says. He then goes on to discuss it in further detail on the show.

Ep 40: Travis Chappell – How to Build Your Network through Podcasting

One of the quickest ways to grow your business is to build a strong network. Travis is a specialist in this field. His life was transformed when he decided to pursue a career in “interview marketing.”

Ep 39: Jim Stryker - The Power of Being Consistent

Jim has achieved a great deal of success in life, but only after a lot of setbacks and failures, from which he's realized - “Success comes from the hustle and not quitting.” He believes consistency is the key. It's the small steps you take every day that leads to big wins.

Ep 38: Jason Marc Campbell – How to Sell with Love and Integrity

Jason wants to inspire those who are terrified of sales to see it as a rewarding activity with the power to change people's lives. His techniques and concepts will make you adore the entire selling process.

Ep 37: Chris Miles - How to Get Your Money Working for You Today

Are you going to live long enough to see the future you've worked so hard for? You can't be sure, of course. Chris can help you attain financial security, both now and in the future while allowing you to spend time doing what you like the most.

Ep 36: Troy Sandidge - How to Create a Strategic Roadmap for Your Business

Many businesses fail because they lack a clear execution plan. Troy creates strategies to help businesses accelerate their growth, and he's joined us on the show to share some of his finest tips.

Ep 35: Brian Covey - Mastering the Art of Growth Mindset

Brian's focus, hard work, and determination set him apart from the crowd, allowing him to carve out a name for himself as a leader in the mortgage sector. His life experience may serve as a lesson for many business owners and aspiring leaders who wish to grow their businesses and see their employees thrive.

Ep 34: Mark Willis – How to Create Lifetime Financial Security

Mark is on a mission to change the way you think about your money, your economy, and your future. He can help you take charge of your finances and safeguard your future in a way that no one else can.

Ep 33: Geoff Zimpfer- How Mindset Can Make or Break Your Business

Geoff is a former National Sales Trainer with Tony Robbins and has been in the mortgage industry since 2003. Being around Tony early in his career made him realize that if he only changed the way he thought, he could transform his life completely. Thus began his journey of making endless achievements.

Ep 32: Todd Duncan – How To Win Clients For Life

“Long-term sales success happens when high trust exists,” Todd says. In the mortgage business, you can have the best intentions in the world, but if you aren't sure how to build trust by asking great questions and offering strong deliverables, you aren't going to be trusted. Todd, dubbed “the Tony Robbins of the mortgage industry,” joins the show to elaborate on the topic.

Ep 31: Tim Chermak- Exceed and Thrive Your Marketing Goals

The whole purpose of marketing is to help you stand out from the competition in a creative way. With this in mind, Tim and his crew run a marketing agency that specializes in working with realtors.

Ep 30: Wendy Barlin- How to Reduce Tax Liability

Since she was a teenager, Wendy has longed to manage her own finances. She's now a seasoned financial advisor. Over the last 25 years, she’s learned how to manage the United States tax and cash system and is here to offer you some tips and tricks to help you “keep more money in your pocket.”

Ep 29: Darrell Evans - Push Yourself to Think Outside the Box

It's more than likely that you've been slaving away at the same work and getting the same results because of your thinking rather than your actions. If you’re ready to shift your mindset, fresh avenues will open up for you. Darrell has used this to great effect in his life. He went down the route not many would have considered and was wildly successful in it.

Ep 28: Chad Burmeister- How to Use Technology to Boost Your Efficiency

Chad has always been a step ahead of the game when it comes to using the latest and greatest tools, technologies, and techniques for prospecting. He was relentless in his efforts in this area, and it paid off well in the long run.

Ep 27: Phil Treadwell – Being Social on Social Media

When people complain something doesn't work, Phil believes there are two possible explanations: “You didn't do it long enough, or you didn't try hard enough.” Everything works if you’re willing to put out the right effort. With 17 years of experience in the mortgage sector, he knows well what it takes to build a long-term business here and is eager to share it all with you.

Ep 26: DNette Wood -Standing Out from the Crowd

DNette was doing great as a professional musician before her life took a turn for the worse. She got a divorce and had her kids to care for. Not only was she broke at the moment but also heartbroken. That’s when she needed to build a career to re-create the life she wanted to live. As a single mom, the loan officer position was ideal for her. “It offered me everything I desired,” she says. It enabled her to spend more time with the kids, while also allowing her to make an unlimited income.

Ep 25: Brenden Kumarasamy - Becoming A Master Communicator

Have you ever thought about how important communication is in our lives? It is the key to success in any business. Whether it's with co-workers, clients, or family and friends, your ability to communicate effectively is a powerful tool in developing healthy relationships.

Ep 24: Scott Peckford – Harnessing Willpower to Achieve Success

Scott used to be a paramedic before becoming a mortgage broker. The transition was not without challenges. At the outset of his new career, he was told right up front that he wasn't cut out for this job. However, that didn’t deter him from achieving his objective. “I needed to be told I couldn't do it,” Scott recalls, and he still believes that was the best thing that anyone could’ve done to him. It pushed him to do all in his power to get to where he is now.

EP 23: Reed Letson - How to Attract the Right Attention

What is it about your business that makes your ideal client stop and take notice? The fact is, if you're not producing strong content for the right platforms, you're selling yourself short.

EP 22: Mark Cruz - Consistency + Effort overtime = Anything You Want

Mark’s personal belief is “There’s more in giving than receiving” and this has become the belief system in Ensource Financial, which helps him grow his company every year. Mark’s company is continuously growing because he is giving more not only to clients with the lowest rates, transparency, super speed, and efficiency but also with his realtor partners.

EP 21: Ryan Niles — Avoiding The Middle (And Why You Should)

Ryan, who did $125 million for 240 units last year and is already clocking in $75 million for 2021, has learned a thing or two about staying nimble in topsy-turvy times. The value add that’s set him and his team apart the most? Education. On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Ryan talk about what added value through education looks like, creating a “snowball effect” with client referrals, and his other tried-and-true ways of getting business.

EP 20: Jeff Van Nostran — Scaling Your Business, Sustainably

In this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Jeff talk about how, as a loan officer, to build the right team, create suitable systems and get the right amount of transparency in place to optimize your business (and protect your personal life).

EP 19: Shayne Hillier — Mastering The Art Of Conversion In Real Estate Marketing

Four years ago, Shayne Hillier was in a tight spot. He was in a lot of debt, and he and his wife — who was pregnant at the time — had taken out several mortgages. They were also going through a lawsuit, his credit cards were maxed out, and he’d lost several contracts with big customers. He needed a new path, and he needed one sooner versus later.

EP 18: Patrick Sciaroni — Leveraging Credit Repair For Better (Ethical) Deals

How can you, as a loan officer, leverage credit repair into helping you close more deals? And what does it look like to approach credit repair ethically?

EP 17: Aaron Martinez — How To Hack YouTube As A Loan Officer

Aaron Martinez’s early days as a YouTube content creator, when he was just 13, were pretty magical — in that he was literally doing magic tricks. He started making videos of his hobby, and soon this segued into him making gaming videos, back “before competitive gaming was cool,” he says. But it wasn’t until he started putting instructional videos on YouTube of himself sharing SnapChat hacks that his digital brand really took off.

EP 16: Eric Braun — Hacking Instagram (And Driving $40 Mil In Production Because Of It)

Eric Braun, more commonly known online as Not Your Average Lender, is a loan officer out of New York who did just under $40 million in production for 2020. Having gotten started in the business five years ago at the ripe old age of 20, today he’s been licensed for just three years and already has a processor, an assistant and a loan coordinator working for him. But success didn’t find him overnight.

EP 15: Jimmy Hobson — Increasing My Business By $62 Million In Production In 3 Years

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Jimmy talk about what, exactly, helped him turn those tides and why being a “little rough around the edges” has (literally) paid off. Things weren’t smooth sailing at first, though. Having supported two kids as a single parent on his jobs as a car and Medicare salesman, he ultimately made the switch and got his license as a broker in 2016. He started generating leads, and at first, “it was ugly.” But the tides did turn. In 2018, he did $11 million in production. In 2019, that number became $37 million, and last year it was $73 million. This year, he’s expecting to bring in between $80-90 million in production — all from his wife’s six-by-six foot craft room.

EP 14: Jason Frazier — Why You Have To Innovate Your Marketing Approach

How do you stand out as a loan officer in a commoditized industry? As Jason Frazier, Chief Strategy Officer at EPM and a second-generation mortgage professional will tell you, it all comes down to marketing. “The only way to stand out is by being 10 times better in something,” Jason says. “You’re not going to be 10 times better at service. You’re not going to be 10 times better at rate. You’re not going to be 10 times better at experience. What you can be is 10 times better in your marketing, period.”

EP 13: Nathan Einkorn - Taking The Steps Your Competitors Are Skipping

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Nathan break down the big career shift that put Nathan directly in the middle of his purpose and newer, more effective ways to get his message across, why follow-through and an abundant mindset are so critical, and the reading list recommendations that have made both Luke and Nathan the industry standouts that they are today. Tune in for a shot of pure, un-sugarcoated advice that will transform your business if you run with it.

EP 12: Adam Hires - How To Make Connections, Not Just Conversations

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Adam dig into the formula for exceptional sales conversations based on genuine connection and the needs of your prospect, setting boundaries to boost your efficiency and focus, and building relationships that benefit everyone involved (without making anyone feel used). Listen in for an interview that will give you a unique perspective on the give-and-take of a good working relationship.

EP 11: Casey Knowles - Basing Your Business In True Value

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Casey dive deep into how Casey took his business from no resources, contacts, and traction to $100 million a year. The way to good agent relationships is shutting down your ego long enough to figure out how you can give to your people (and what you can learn from them) and strategies to help you focus on simply getting a loan every day. Listen in to redefine the word “value” in your business so you can start giving actual value and reaping the rewards. 

EP 10: Michael Mann - Become A Million Dollar Loan Officer

More real estate agent appointments = hours of work added to your calendar...right? Well, only if you're doing it the hard way. But the brightest minds in real estate know there's a better method. Michael Mann is a loan officer with an 18-year career under his belt, the head of the Michael Mann team, the author of 9 Figure Blueprint, and the creative mind behind the Million Dollar Loan Officer program. His strategy for gaining visibility and streamlining operations continues to add freedom and prosperity of epic proportions to the lives of loan officers everywhere.

EP 9: John Smith - Honest Brand Building With The Mortgage Smith

If the content you show the world is meant to tell potential clients who you are, how do you decide what to show them? Do you keep the focus on your business and what it can do for them, do you focus on your personality, or do you develop a different personality entirely? It may surprise you, but the best way to establish yourself as a leader is to simply be yourself. After the financial calamity of 2008, John Smith pivoted away from his previous career as a loan officer within a small bank to give 100% to creating his mortgage and loan business in the real estate industry. Now known as “The Mortgage Smith,” John continues to thrive alongside his team, and he shares his wisdom as an author and the host of the Real Estate Insiders Podcast.

EP 08: Hammer J. Helmer - Engineering Originator Success In An Online World

Is Google helping or harming your business? If it’s doing more harm than good - or if you aren’t sure - it’s time to get current and start using the Internet’s best tools to your advantage. The market crash of 2008 didn’t stop Hammer J. Helmer from bouncing back to found OriginatorSuccess based on his decades of experience in and around real estate loan origination and with the needs of originators struggling to market themselves in mind. Now, Hammer teaches industry professionals how to keep a steady stream of leads in their business.

EP 07: Sean Caufield - Building Your Brand As A Loan Officer (The Right Way)

What’s the best way to rise to the top of a majorly saturated market? You could try a lot of fancy tactics and expensive marketing - or you could be visibly yourself, put in the hard work, and proactively learn from the people around you. Sean Caufield started out at the bottom rung of mortgage sales and worked his way up to becoming one of the top producing loan officers in New York City through Madison Mortgage Services, Inc. Now, Sean continues to grow his brand and his success story on a firm foundation of honest content and a strong commitment to the buyers he serves.

EP 06: Rebecca Richardson - Winning Content Strategy, Starring You

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Rebecca cover the process (and necessity) of becoming your most authentic self in your own marketing, matching the right media platform to the strategy you want to use to get information to your audience, and the specifics of how she plans, creates, and distributes her unique video content. Tune in for an interview that will give you an entirely new perspective on content strategy with your own individual twist.

EP 05: Reed Letson - How to Attract the Right Attention

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke and Reed dig into Reed's game-changing content strategy, bringing your unique personality into every piece of your marketing (even if you aren't actually doing it), and leveraging social media interactions to build actual relationships with your client base. Listen in for some quick, easy action steps that will level up your visibility, and the quality of your leads, faster than you thought possible.

EP 04: Mark Cruz - Consistency + Effort overtime = Anything You Want

On this episode of the Loan on Demand Podcast, Luke and Mark talk about the formula on how to build the company that you want and how to continuously grow your business. Tune in for an interview that will give you an insight into how to change the course of your business to success.

EP 03: Luke Shankula - An Overview Of Sales Process

On this episode of the Loan on Demand Podcast, Luke discusses the six steps to a perfect sale and the ways on how to effectively manage a loan business. Tune in for an episode that will help you learn some sales tips.

EP 02: Luke Shankula - Mistakes Loan Officers Make With Marketing

On this episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke discusses and identifies the three major mistakes a loan officer can make through his career. Tune in for an episode that will educate you on how to operate your loan business correctly.

EP 01: Luke Shankula - Introduction To Loans On Demand Podcast

On the first episode of the Loans on Demand Podcast, Luke discusses why he decided to start with this podcast, its foundation, and how to create new ways to get direct with customers. Tune in for an episode that will help you improve your business processes.


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